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Grad Night Documents

Grad Night Letter (English)
Grad Night Letter (Spanish)

Waiver Form (English)
Waiver Form (Spanish)

Grad Night Basics

Information about Grad night will be going out to parents and to students in a variety of ways over the last few months of school so that parents and students have all they need to make the experience a great one.  Grad Night does involve a charge per student,  and students buy something called “bids” to secure a space at the event (A bid is a class-specific, custom-designed momento).  Bids will be sold on campus outside the student store beginning March 19.  It’s helpful for the committee to know how many are going as early as possible, so the prices will be cheapest in March and then progressively increase as the June party date gets closer. Updates regarding exact dates and times for bid sales will be provided here on the website and through School Loop/Infinite Campus updates. All students are encouraged to attend this fun evening with their classmates.  Scholarships are available in a letter that is a link on this website AND will be handed out at the March 17 senior meeting for people who want a hard copy.  Contact Ms. Moyoli for information about scholarships which offer discounted prices.

What you will not find at Grad Night: 


Bid Design

MANY, MANY thanks to graduating FHS Senior Javier Suarez who designed the art on the bid for this 2015 Grad Night event!  Thanks, Javi! 


What is a huge event without a form???  It is important for parents and students to know this early and often:  students will only be permitted on the bus if they have their GRAD NIGHT WAIVER FORM filled out.   In addition to the links on this page, the waiver form will be available through School Loop as an attachment AND in hard-copy form at the Senior meetings and during all sales days.  The form includes important information about liability issues and information that Boomers has requested us to provide about each of the attending students.  Thanks in advance for filling them out completely! 

What is a bid?

A bid is most similar to a modern-day "e-ticket" in that it represents that you are registered to be at the party/on the flight, but the actual permission to be at the party is found by your student's name being entered into a database/tracking system which registers that  they turned in their waiver and paid their money.  The bid paper does not need to be brought to Grad Night, in fact, don't, you will lose it!  It is a memento  of the culmination of your senior year.  This year we are using the envelope as a "tickler note" for the students: their t-shirt size will be on there so they will know what to look for when those are handed out by size, and, the bus they will be on will be on there (a number from 1-5).  Why the word "bid" is used remains a mystery that none of us really knows.......


Grad Night


9:00–9:30p.m.       Students start REPORTING TO LARGE GYM before bus loading-CRITICAL check-in required                                    and STUDENT IDs mandatory (bids not needed); cannot board bus without going to gym

10:00 p.m.            Final boarding and bus departure from FHS parking lot

5:00 a.m.               Busses leaving Boomers

6:00/6:15 a.m.       Busses arriving; senior gifts and breakfast available outside large gym and in lobby

Rules of the Night

The following rules have been stated on the back of the students’ bid cards AND are reiterated here in case the bids have not left their envelopes:

You must ride our buses to and from Boomers-

·      Drop off is at the FHS front parking lot on Sunnyvale-Saragota Road.

·      It is recommended that you leave your car at home as there is no overnight security for cars left in the school parking lot and you will be very tired the next morning and may not feel up to driving.

Bring your student ID.  This is actually what gets you in, proves you are registered.  The bid is not what gets you in; that is a personal “receipt” for your records.

Be on time.  Buses will not wait.

Zero Tolerance disciplinary rules apply to Grad Night:

·      Leave any items at home that you know will not be allowed.

·      Consumption of alcohol or any illegal drug will not be tolerated before or during the event.

·      You and your possessions may be inspected prior to boarding the buses.

·      Boomers has very strict behavior policy and any individual identified as violating Grad Night policy will be prohibited from boarding the bus or entering Boomers.

·      There are NO in and out privileges at Boomers.

·      Have fun and be responsible!

Bring a sweatshirt or some other outerwear:

·      You may want to bring a change of clothes or a small towel if you are planning on going on the bumper boats.

·      Note that Go-Karts require secured shoes.

·      Dress casual.

You may bring your own camera and phone:  Keep in mind that Boomers is not responsible for any loss of personal property

Do not bring food or drinks! The committee and Boomers have got you totally covered for food and drinks all night and morning!!!


Thanks for reviewing these!  Our theme remains, have a SAFE, SOBER and FUN evening!  

Congratulations FHS Class of 2015!!!


Grad Night Committee 2015


Grad Night Committee Extends Second Tier Pricing to the End
FILL THE BUSSES!! That is the rally cry of the 2015 Grad Night Committee after their May 7 meeting.  The Committee voted to extend the second tier prices for Grad Night TILL THE BUSSES ARE FULL!!!  There are limited seats...around 50 are left.....So pricing will stay at $65 until the busses are full and a final price increase will NOT happen!  Get your waiver (click link at left) filled out and buy your bids on Tuesday or Thursday any week until the seats are gone!  Scholarships are also still available; contact Ms. Myoli for information.  FILL THE BUSSES!!!  

We still need you

The Grad Night Committee is seeking more parent volunteer help for upcoming aspects of the evening, including:  on-campus bid sales (see related information on this site), assistance with the breakfast (morning after Grad Night), fundraising from businesses and other tasks.  This is the last school event of your child’s high school career, so help us make it a great one by helping out where you can!  Donations towards assisting students who need scholarships to attend is also a great way to volunteer so if you can,  send a check or sponsor a student for $55-$65 and either send it in with your student to the office with “FHS Grad Night 2015” on the check and on the outside of an envelope.  To volunteer on any of the above activities, send an email to FHSGradNight@yahoo.com and please “cc” Jennifer Hanlon at jbhanlon94@gmail.com.  Many hands make light work!  

Parents: to sign up for bid sales, please use this sign-up sheet.

Plans Are Well Underway

Plans for Grad Night 2015 kicked off last fall and continue to be organizing around the theme of creating another fun, safe and sober evening/morning event for the Class of 2015!  After the graduation ceremony on June 4, Seniors will meet at the gym at 9:30 p.m. before heading out to the busses to Boomers Family Entertainment Center in Livermore.  Chaperones and security will be with the seniors the entire night.  (Parents are not chaperones.) 

Students will be at Boomers from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. spending time doing some or all of the following:  Laser tag; inflatable Sumo wrestling, Go –Kart driving, miniature golf, bumper boats, Casino games (1:00 – 4:00), video games, inflatable sumo wrestling, velcro wall sticking, a  D.J. spinning tunes, a photo booth to get pictures of you and your pals, a caricature artist and of course there will be real food (taco truck), fun snacks and soft drinks all night long!!  New this year:  breakfast treats when you get back to FHS parking lot (approximately 6:00 a.m.).  

Health Alerts

To be as careful as possible, it is important for the on-site security and chaperone staff to have any needed information regarding dietary concerns (diabetic issues or peanut allergies, for ex.) or health/medical concerns such as bee sting sensitivity or the need for asthma or epi pens, etc.  Email this address or text this phone if there are any issues such as these that we need:  jbhanlon@pacbell.net  and 408-313-5783 care of Jennifer Hanlon, Co-Chair.  She will forward the information onto the Security staff who will be the point persons for this information on-site.

Pick-up Exceptions


If any student needs to be picked up for some reason at the park, a written note must be provided to security personnel or emailed to jbhanlon@pacbell.net  prior to the student getting onto the bus.  Boomers is very strict about this; it is a safety/security precaution.  

Bid sales dates

Parent volunteers will be staffing tables outside the school store to sell bids for Grad Night.  What you need to bring:  your WAIVER FORM (see separate article on this page) and your cash or check.  You will officially sign up to attend at the tables on a sign up list and also select your bus at that time.  Official 2015 dates are:

(prices go UP beginning May 1 to $65)

Tuesday, May 12 (final day for checks; CASH ONLY starting May 13)

Thursday, May 14

Tuesday, May 19 and Thursday, May 21

MORE SALES may happen if people still want to go!  


If you are a parent, volunteers are needed for each of these sales dates…at lunch time, so please contact Jennifer Hanlon at jbhanlon@pacbell.net to volunteer and she will do her best to get you your first choices for sign ups! 

Money, Money, Money

We would love to have ZERO bounced checks this year.  To help with this, please know that there will be no checks accepted after May 12.  Should a check bounce, we will need to secure the funds from you for the price of the bid AND collect the $35 check-bouncing fee that the bank asks of us. Once that is all handled and the waiver is complete, the bid will be issued.  Let’s do it, Class of 2015—a perfect check record!!!! 

Please make all checks payable to FHS Grad Night.


Discounted bids are available to students.  They can only be purchased with the completion of a yellow discount form that has been signed by Ms. Moyoli who will have them available.  This form needs to come WITH the completed waiver form and the adjusted money amount.  

How will we know what is going on?

There are several means of communication:

  • Please check this Grad Night page of the FHS website for updates.
  • There is a bilingual letter for you and your parents here as a link on this site letting them know about the event and requesting donations for the event so as many students as want to can go. 
  • Messages will be sent out through School Loop/Infinite Campus that will have updates from the Grad Night Committee pertaining to deadlines and other important information everyone will need to know. 
  • On MARCH 17, Grad Night Committee Co-Chairs will be visiting the campus and giving a brief snapshot of what’s happening at a senior class meeting with Mr. Ochoa and Mr. Lin.


Be on the lookout for all these important updates!!! 


Send an email to our Grad Night email administrator at FHSGradNight@yahoo.com  and we will answer your questions on email or by phone. If you request phone feel free to contact one of our Co-Chairs, Jennifer Hanlon, at 408-313-5783.

Grad Night Committee Feelin’ the Love

Your 2015 Grad Night Committee is focused on the same thing, in the same order for the work on the event as for the event itself: Fun, Safe and Sober!  Volunteers include:


Liz Brockman, Jennifer Hanlon--  Co-Chairs

Lisa Corley--School Store fundraising

Mark Hanlon--  Treasurer

Juana Serrano--  Secretary, IT

Hemali Sudahalkar-- Transportation

Virginia Marquez--Senior gifts and donations coordination

Dolly Holtz--Breakfast

Anna Gutierrez—Food, inflatables, scholarships

Tricia Palomino--Grad Night Yahoo administrator